Kirsten Dunst a lock for Spider-Man 4?

While there has yet to be much solid, Sam Raimi-shaped confirmation, it looks like Kirsten Dunst will indeed be returning to play Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man 4.

Talking to the New York Post, producer Todd Black mentioned that the actress is back. Now, that could be wishful thinking on his part, and we still want to see something from the studio or Raimi, but it sounds like the Dunst will be back.

But even if/when she does report to the set, don’t necessarily expect her to be donning a wedding dress. While recent rumours have spouted that there could be an MJ/Peter Parker wedding in the film’s future, Black said he had no knowledge of the subplot in the current script.

And though he didn’t lock down the identity of the villain (he says “villain”, which makes us hopeful there might actually be only one badddie again), he did drop a tantalising hint…  “We're just coming up with who the villain's going to be now. We'll be shooting in New York again. Trust me, people will appreciate who we pick, because it'll be a big part of New York."

Oooh… time to start speculating again. One of Marvel’s New York-centric villains, then? Either that, or the Statue Of Liberty does a Ghostbusters 2 and comes to giant life to threaten the Big Apple…

[Source: New York Post ]

Thinking caps on – which villain could this be?



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