Kirby Squeak Squad - hands-on

The main story mode is just like Kirby adventures from the SNES era, which is no bad thing either. There are eight worlds, all separated by different themes (obligatory ice level included). A member of Dedede’s gang of ruffians guards each world and there are also mid-world bosses that try to prevent Kirby from capturing valuable treasure chests.

It has to be said that none of the boss fights we’ve encountered are particularly tough, and getting to them isn’t much of a problem, but there is more to Squeak Squad than meets the eye. There are 120 treasure boxes to collect, each holding special bonus items you can mess around with in Kirby’s collection mode. There are all sorts of features to unlock by collecting these chests - from sound tests and jigsaw puzzles to editors that alter Kirby’s looks - but many of them are hidden deep within levels. So it seems as though Kirby Squeak Squad will have something for younger players (a fairly simple main game) and a deeper challenge for veterans of the series.

The Squeak Squad will descend upon the masses on December 6.


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