King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie review

  • Island location so beautiful, real
  • Tense, rewarding combat
  • Simple design is always enjoyable
  • On the verge of repetitive
  • Kong sections are predictable
  • Challenges can feel contrived

This is adventure done right. Though there are only a few different types of weapons or puzzles, each is metered out enough that you'll never become bored of them. With a cast of characters that fills you in on the story as you play instead of boring you with cutscenes, and an ever-changing, never-repeating island environment, the whole thing has a sweep and grandeur very rarely achieved by games. It's simply good fun from beginning to end - like an unexpectedly violent Disneyland ride.

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Release date: Dec 02 2005 - GBA
Nov 22 2005 - Xbox, PS2, GameCube, PC, PSP, DS, Xbox 360 (US)
Dec 02 2005 - GBA
Nov 17 2005 - Xbox, PS2, GameCube, PC
Dec 16 2005 - PSP
Dec 02 2005 - DS, Xbox 360 (UK)
Available Platforms: GBA, Xbox, PS2, GameCube, PC, PSP, DS, Xbox 360
Genre: Shooter
Published by: Ubisoft
Developed by: Ubisoft
ESRB Rating:
Teen: Blood, Violence
PEGI Rating:

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