Blacklight Retribution closed beta giveaway
Free Tribes: Ascend Soldier Utility Pack!
Tribes: Ascend has entered its open beta phase and is now free-to-play for all. Woo! The game is an exceptionally elegant continuation of the classic series, with all the jet-packing, explosive discing, and super-sonic CTFing you could ask for. If you’re not familiar with it, the best way to get acquainted is to sign up and jump in, but first…

To celebrate the open beta release, developer Hi-Rez has graciously provided PC Gamer and GamesRadar with 1000 item codes to give away. Log into your GamesRadar account (or create one and come back here) to receive a code for your very own Soldier Utility Pack, a new accessory which can be upgraded to grant an additional grenade slot and extra health for the Soldier class. Get one while they last!

How to redeem your code
1. Sign up for the Tribes: Ascend open beta at
2. Download and launch the game.
3. From the game menu, select EXTRAS, then REDEEM PROMOTION. Enter the code and go make someone say “Shazbot!”

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