Kevin Smith talks Red State

Kevin Smith has spoken exclusively to Total Film about his upcoming horror flick Red State .

As part of our celebration of all things American in the latest issue, we met up with the indie auteur to talk about his current project.

Red State is set to give the horror genre a thorough shake-up, casting fundamentalist religious crackpots as the truly terrifying villains.

Smith is certain that it isn’t going to make for easy viewing, telling us: “The movie fucks with you.”

He explains: “It demands a lot of its audience. It doesn’t let you go in easy and be like, ‘This’ll be fun!’ It actually engages your brain and makes you question your beliefs and go, ‘Oh God, I’m sympathising with people I shouldn’t!’”

So why the shift in gear? “I’m trying to make art films again. It’s what I came in to filmmaking to try to do. I wanted to make all kinds of flicks, not just comedies.

“I focused on comedy because I seemed to be OK at it, but there was always a part of me that wanted to try something else."

Red State opens in the US on 19 October 2011.

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