Kevin Durand joins Ridley Scott’s Hood

Ridley Scott has recruited Alan Doyle, Lost’s Kevin Durand and ER’s Scott Grimes to play three of Robin Hood’s Merry Men in the now untitled Hood pic that stars Russell Crowe.

Grimes will play Will Scarlett, who in this version is Hood’s nephew and a keen swordsman.

Durand, meanwhile, has signed on to play Little John, the usually hulking brute who duels with Hood using quaterstaves over a river before joining his group as one of his most loyal colleagues.

And finally, there’s Alan Doyle, playing Alan a Dayle. It seems somehow fitting that Scott has cast a musician – he’s usually to be found fronting the Canadian folk group Great Big Sea – to play the minstrel.

With Cate Blanchett as Maid Marian to Crowe’s Hood, Scott should start shooting based on Brian Helgeland’s current version of the script next month.

Now –provided the character is in the film - we really need a Friar Tuck. Any ideas?

[Source: THR ]

Can this new retelling of the early days of Robin and co work? Sound off!


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