Kane & Lynch - updated hands-on

Controls are similar to other third-person action games. The Right Trigger shoots, while the Left Trigger aims. The Left Bumper crouches and A is your all-purpose button, letting you grab weapons, vault over obstacles and melee attack. Clicking the Left Stick in brings up your map and radar, while also directing you towards your next objective, but clicking the stick in while running makes you sprint faster.

Gunplay is ferocious as you definitely cannot rush in guns blazing. Our first gunfight was in a mechanic's garage where a police cruiser busted through the doors and numerous cops entered the battle. It was a bit overwhelming, but there were other teammates helping exchange bullets. To survive, you'll need to crouch or take cover by pressing up towards an object.

We noticed one cop hit the floor writhing in pain. We knew he was out of the equation and wouldn't recover, but couldn't help but feel deliciously evil as we capped him in the chest, putting him out of his misery. If we're going to be rewarded for being a bastard, we might as well go through with the dirty deeds.

We made our way through the garage to a small diner where one of our cronies knocked out a waitress with the butt of his gun. After taking care of a few more cops, we hightailed it across the street towards an old boarded-up gas station for our last stand. As we took a number of bullets, the screen took on a red filter and the camera got wobbly. Take too much damage and you'll collapse, but not die. Depending on how well you're doing and how close you are to a buddy, they may inject some adrenaline into you to finish the fight. Take too much adrenaline close together and you'll OD, or if no one's around, you'll die anyway.


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