Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - hands-on


New Tokyo Level Revealed

1) Office Assault
On the roof, Kane tells his boys the plan. Important plot points use the in-game engine and let you move the camera, so the pace never lets up. A tap of a button and the team begin to rappel - Io says you’ll see less of Hitman’s dark humor, but admit they’re thinking of adding office “romance” on the odd floor. The ensuing gunfight is a bit “Matrix lobby scene.” After retrieving the briefcase he’s after from a dead businessman, Kane pulls out his knife and slashes the corpse’s face. “What was that about?” asks Lynch. “None of your business,” murmurs Kane - but we’re suspecting a story to do with the scar over his eye.

2) It’s the cops - kill ‘em
A short elevator ride gives the boys a chance to change into civilian clothes. This fools one policeman, who waves the crew through as panicked crowds flee the building. As in the nightclub, there’s a density to the crowd that makes movement difficult… until the rest of the cops arrive and go nuts. They’re lobbing tear gas, whiting out the screen - but if you can find their grenades, you can simply tap a button to lob them back and clear your vision in seconds. Cry us a river, copper.

3) Street fighting
As the fighting hits the road, precision aiming becomes essential. Unlike Hitman - which uses first-person shooting - K&L offers an over-the-shoulder view. Using this perspective stabilizes your aim. If you run out of ammo, you can grab fresh clips - or even swap guns - from other members of your team.

4) Snipe the floor with them
As the crew makes their way down the street, a police sharpshooter appears on the overpass. When a sniper’s after you, their sights appear on the bottom-left of the screen to show how close they are to drawing a bead on your position. It also allows textbook Saving Private Ryan moments where you catch sight of yourself aiming back along the sniper’s sights before you take his head off.

5) Dead man walking
Kane suffers a few too many hits, and a flash of red and some heavy breathing tells you he’s near death. One more bullet and he’s down - the screen goes white and we hear a flashback to his wife screaming “I told you not to keep a gun in the house!” Before we can hear more, though, one of our allies pumps us full of adrenaline and we’re back on our feet. The posse take off across the overpass and heads for the getaway car. There’s still a lot of ground to cover - and plenty of policemen to turn into corpses.

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