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Kakuto Chojin Cheats, Codes & Guides

Kakuto Chojin Cheats

  • Easy Win

    To score a really easy (sorta cheap) win:
    1.set the time limit to the lowest setting at the options menu
    2.then go into single player mode and select your character
    3. When the match starts move in for a quick attack, any high low or middle attack will be fine.
    4. Hit the free run button and evade your opponent until time runs out. Running really far away or in big circles worked best for me, just make sure your opponent can't hit you.
    5. When time does run out as long as your opponent has less stamina remaining than you, you will win.
    Note: Make absolutely sure you have more health than your opponent when time runs out. This cheat works great against the final boss, but make sure you are clear out of her way or else she'll make a big lunge at you and really hurt your character.
    Submitted by Marcel
  • Get Boss

    To get the game's final boss simply beat the game as Roxy.
    Submitted by Marcel
  • New Moves

    After you beat the game with anybody u get their other fighting style called Chojin.........Also u get Daeva the boss ....When your controller is highlighted on Roxy just move over one more time to get Daeva
    Submitted by bloodb

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