Just Cause - hands-on

This is the Just Cause lifestyle. Now that you’re a CIA ultra-desperado, scenes like that are just little ditties to pass the time.

Basically, you’re a steroid-charged Latin stunt-man, you’ve got equipment that would make Inspector Gadget orgasm on sight, you’ve got a stockpile of arms from America‘s closet, and you’re unleashed on an enormous 20 square-mile open-world playground of sadistic funk.

This playground is San Esperito, a mountainous third-world jungle torn into a patchwork of militia territories. The militias are forever at war with each other in a nationwide power struggle, and your gringo commanders have sent you here to neutralize the threat from this unstable backwater. So naturally, you’ll be blowing stuff up.

Your first missions will have you instigating gun battles, planting explosives in cocaine silos, assassinating powerful criminals, visiting a whorehouse in a volcano, and doing a bit of wife-stealing. And though this may sound like Grand Theft Auto: Central America, there’s two main things that let you execute with stylish creativity.


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