Just Cause 2

7) Freedom fighting
Avalanche Studios are ditching the often-tedious side missions from the original Just Cause and concentrating the action on the single-player story arc structure. However, you can complete missions in any order and in any way you like, or just go off and either explore the enormous tropical paradise in an extreme sports style, or destroy everything in sight.

8) Killing fields
Aiming will be assisted by a subtle auto-targeting system to keep the third-person action fast-paced and rewarding. The enemies will have flashy new AI to enable them to react intelligently to whatever’s thrown at them, for what the developers hope will be complex, emergent gameplay. We’re promised ramped-up destabilization, which means that the more chaos the extremely heterosexual Rico creates, the more the game rewards you. Combat is also reckoned to be more tactical and less trigger happy this time, while a new ‘Heat System’ has also been included - which we imagine will work by throwing more enemies at you if Rico gets too audacious with his sabotage techniques.

9) Backroom boys
Rico Rodriguez works for the Agency, which is always plugging away in the background, and available at the touch of a button through your handy PDA for reconnaissance, vehicle drops, mission info, extractions, and sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

10) Chaos engine
Just Cause 2 rewards chaos: the more mayhem you create through finishing missions, having different faction alliances and destroying stuff, the more locations and employers will be revealed for Rico to increase his strategic influence. Just watch out for polar bears and wisps of smoke...

Feb 21, 2008