Just Cause 2

10 reasons why you should give a grappling hook about this sun-baked sequel

It%26rsquo;s official: tropical islands are the latest must-have environmental accessory this season for over-the-shoulder, free-roaming third-person carnage. Just Cause 2 is the sequel to the enjoyable first GTA-inspired game, which saw Latino action hero Rico Rodriguez causing mayhem on a South American island, and is part of a trend that is seeing the tropical paradise setting in everything from the seminal Far Cry, through Crysis, Dead Island and Lost: The Video Game.

However, as well as moving to a new fictional island, Just Cause 2 brings a ton of new weapons, vehicles, missions and special moves to the beach party, plus major improvements to Rico%26rsquo;s over-the-topgizmos. We can%26rsquo;t confirm the appearance of another whorehouse in a volcano (yes, Just Cause had one), but we reckon there are still 10 excellent reasons why Avalanche Studios%26rsquo; newest is worth getting all tingly about...

1) Hit me baby
Just Cause 2%26rsquo;s new setting is the tropical South East Asian island of Panau - over 1,000 square km of open environments including forests, snow-capped mountains and deserts, accompanied by day/night cycles, weather effects, and intriguing sounding %26lsquo;climate zones%26rsquo; - all of which is ruled over by the dictator Baby Panay. Your mission is to bring home missing agent Tom Sheldon - Rico%26rsquo;s former commander - who has gone AWOL and evil by teaming up with Baby Panay. And while carrying out this rendition, Rico must cause chaos on the island by making sure Panau%26rsquo;s three gangs (the Reapers, the Roaches and the Ular Boys) turn on each other.

2) Hooked on phonics
Rico%26rsquo;s grappling hook, which allowed him to latch on to vehicles, as well as use in conjunction with his parachute to fly around the island, has been %26lsquo;enhanced%26rsquo;. Avalanche have yet to reveal exactly what %26lsquo;enhanced%26rsquo; means, but we reckon that with the addition of Havok Physics (as used in just about every other action game, ever), you%26rsquo;ll be able to do some damage to collapsible objects, and also use the hook to access areas that were previously unreachable.

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