Just Cause

Is all that space just there to admire from the air, or will it be worth exploring every inch of the islands on the ground? We heard something about a brothel in a volcano...

There's plenty of cool stuff to do for the daring explorer. There are hundreds of side missions and about 20 packed story missions to sink your teeth in to. It covers quite a lot of ground.

And if you grow tired of your treks you can always just jack a vehicle or order an Agency special, the "heavy drop", where a chopper delivers a kick-ass vehicle within seconds.

The brothel inside the volcano - yep, that is a personal fave. It is the world's greatest outdoor bordello; favorite among corrupt army generals in drag. There's stuff like that all over San Esperito.

Over 100 vehicles are going to be scattered around the islands. Which ones do you think players will enjoy the most?

It's hard to say. But a fair guess would be the jet plane, attack helicopter, gyrocopter, water scooter, speedboat, sports cars and tanks. But the different motorcycles have a cult following around the office. It's just really great fun driving around on the island on a bike like that.

Can Rodriguez align himself with different factions on the islands or does he just have to play them off against each other?

He will align himself with two different factions and use them to wage a full-on war on two other factions (one of these being the most criminal faction of them all: the government).

How will the inhabitants of San Esperito react to Rodriguez and his meddling?

The army and the cops and the cartel guys he has messed around with will try to kill him. The civilians will not care. After all: they live in a world of drug cartels, coca plantations, mercenaries, corrupt cops and constant guerrilla attacks. Another gun-toting madman will differ little to them.