Jumper: Griffin's Story

We're told that your ability will also figure into each specific environment, but the finishing jump was far and away the most satisfying to pull off. After pummeling an enemy to the point of collapse, Griffin will grab him and transport him to an unconventional demise. We left one poor bastard on the top of a Himalayan peek to die of exposure, and apparated directly into a free fall into the Grand Canyon - only to jump out before the splat. Our favorite saw Griffin and his adversary port into the front seats of a classic car. He adjusts his mirror as the foe looks around confusedly, then jumps out as the camera zooms back to reveal... the impact crusher.

 The mission we demoed had us battling up the cliffs of a mountain temple, but we caught a glimpse of a level set in Egypt. Apparently, this underground area is where Griffin cools his heels, and plays home to his collected trophies, as in freaking Ferrari's. But we were cut off before we could dig into such extravagances.

There's a lot of cool stuff on display here. The teleportation offers a unique method of attack with an intuitive control scheme. But as an expanded plotline, Griffin's Story's success is largely hinged upon that of the movie. And we'll know more about that around the time the film drops mid February.

Feb 8, 2008


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