John Cusack up for Hot Tub Time Machine

John Cusack and What Happens In Vegas’ Rob Corddry have signed on the dotted line to star in Hot Tub Time Machine.

They’re not the only ones – Knocked Up’s Craig Robinson and Clark Duke (seen in Sex Drive) as busy negotiating to join the cast.

What’s the plot, you ask? Take a guess – it’s about a group of friends who go back to the ski lodge they used to party at when they were teenagers.

They’re frustrated with life but then – and here comes the high concept – the hot tub’s actually a time machine, which transports them back to 1987. Party!

You might wonder what Cusack is doing in the film that feels more like something for the Sex Drive crowd, but Steve Pink (one of Cusack’s mates and a writer on High Fidelity) is directing, so hopefully it’ll transcend its title…

[Source: Variety ]

Does this sound like a classic comedy or a dodgy attempt to grab laughs?


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