Jennifer Lawrence in first trailer for The House At The End Of The Street: watch now

With The Hunger Games currently riding high at the box office, it's fair to say Jennifer Lawrence is pretty hot right now. It's a fact that's not been lost on Relativity, who have chosen now to release the first trailer for Lawrence's next vehicle, The House At The End Of The Street .

Lawrence stars alongside Elizabeth Shue as a mother and daughter who find the house of their dreams in a quiet rural town. However, their new pad doesn't seem quite such a bargain when they discover the house next door has a profoundly violent past.

It turns out that a little girl killed her parents in their beds there, leaving only her brother alive. Lawrence foolishly begins a relationship with said brother, and things get creepy from there on in.

Take a look at the first trailer below, where the twisty-turny narrative is unnervingly played out backwards, Memento style…

On face value it looks like generic horror thriller fare, although the backwards narrative adds a certain something. As far as we know however, that's just a nifty marketing tool used in the trailer rather than how the film is shot as a whole.

In any case, Lawrence's star has never been higher, so interest is likely to be widespread in whatever she does next. And the fact that she spends most of the film in a skimpy white vest surely won't harm its cause… The House At The End Of The Street opens in the US on 21 September 2012, with a UK date to be confirmed.


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