Jennifer Garner starring in Butter

Jennifer Garner has signed on to the lead of Mandate’s comedy satire Butter, written by Jason Micallef.

The script, which landed Micallef on the prized “Black List” of the best unproduced screenplays for 2008, follows a young orphan adopted by a couple in the American Midwest.

She discovers that she has a hidden talent – she’s a genius at carving sculptures from butter and must compete with the ambitious wife of her town’s former carving champion in the annual competition.

According to the writer, it has more layers than might first appear.

"I wanted to do a political satire," he tells The Hollywood Reporter, "and I was looking for some venue that people take very seriously but is also ridiculous - like politics - but at the same time is really visual."

Apparently the idea was inspired by a detour he took while on a post-university road trip through the US, which saw him visit the site of a huge butter-carving contest in Iowa.

Stranger things, we suppose. And we’ll give him this – it’s an original concept for once.

[Source: THR ]

Could this be the next Juno? Or is it an utterly butterly mad idea?


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