Jeff Bridges is John Wayne

Jeff Bridges is in serious negotiations to take the role made famous by John Wayne in the Coen brothers' new version of True Grit.

It could be the Big Lebowski reunion we've been waiting for folded into the Coens' idea to take the novel that inspired the 1969 original and make a more faithful adaptation.

The pair have been considering the idea for a while now, with the Daily Mail first reporting word that they were seriously interested back in February 2008.

Now, with A Serious Man playing festivals, it looks like they're truly saddling up at last.

The 1969 film - for which Wayne won an Oscar - followed a 14-year=old girl who tags along with US Marshal Rooster Cogburn to find the outlaw who slaughtered her father - focuses on Cogburn's point of view.

But the Coens' idea will stick closer to the Charles Portis book, which is geared towards the girl's recollections.

We'd say they needed luck to pull off something as memorable as the original grit - but this is the Coens, and they already have No Country For Old Men under their belt to reassure everyone…

[Source: Variety ]

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