Jay and Silent Bob for consoles?

Smith wants game based on B-movie director and drug user

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A Jay And Silent Bob game? That%26rsquo;s the spectacular wish of Clerks II/Dogma creator Kevin Smith %26ndash; though he won%26rsquo;t be taking direct control. %26ldquo;I%26rsquo;m not really good enough to pull it off,%26rdquo; he claims. %26ldquo;Games is one field in which I like to be entertained, rather than try to be entertaining.%26rdquo; Smith admits he%26rsquo;d be happy to write the back story, but would leave the level design to the experts. %26ldquo;When it comes to levels and bosses and stuff like that, I%26rsquo;m not so good.%26rdquo; Smith famously claims he%26rsquo;s been into videogames since NHL Hockey on the Genesis %26ndash; a %26lsquo;star%26rsquo; of his movie Mallrats.

January 19, 2007


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