Japan earthquake cost the game industry over $88 million

Enterbrain CEO warns of possible hardware shortages

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The Tohoku earthquake cost Japan’s game industry over $88 million, according to Famitsu publisher Enterbrain. CEO Hirokazu Hamamura went over the numbers in detail as part of his speech at a game industry seminar in Tokyo last Friday.

Hamamura divided the impact into hardware and software, with software taking the largest hit due to delays, cancellations, and a steep reduction in sales. In total, 31 games were delayed or canceled, according to the CEO. The figures began to pick up at the beginning of the month, he said, but the market will probably continue to remain difficult compared to pre-quake numbers for some time.

Hardware accounts for $34 million of total losses, with Nintendo and the 3DS being hit the hardest. “Both hardware and software have started recovering, but there's a possibility of hardware shortages,” said Hamamura.

Source: [FamitsuSankei News]

Apr 18, 2011

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