Jake Gyllenhaal up for Source Code

Jake Gyllenhaal is negotiating to star in the sci-fi thriller Source Code, which will be directed by Moon man Duncan Jones.

The plot finds a soldier who finds himself waking up in the body of a commuter and must re-live a train bombing, Groundhog Day-style, until he figures out who is responsible.

While we all figured Jones (below) would crack on with the next film he's writing - Mute - the futuristic noir has been held up by budget issues, but he assures us all via Twitter that it's still very much on his mind, but that Source Code was too good an offer to refuse.

It's a project that has been swimming through development limbo for a while now - originally set up at Universal with Topher Grace in the lead of Ben Ripley's script - it's since been through re-writes by Billy Ray.

Duncan Jones working with a bigger budget and another intriguing concept? Can't wait…

[Source: Variety ]

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