Is This The Maddest Trailer Of The Year?

It looks like it could either be campy fun or one of the biggest misses of 2009, but the new Dragonball: Evolution trailer has arrived.

Don’t get us wrong: any film that dresses Emmy Rossum up in leather and turns her into a martial arts badass is okay by us, but the rest of the film looks… how do we put this… dodgy.

While the film, based on an anime series, has been suffering from a wave of mixed buzz, this trailer does little too bolster its hopes.


Loaded with portentous voice-over about warring gods and the hero who can stop them, it looks like it belongs on the bargain rack in a video store. A video store in the ‘80s.

But if you think we’re jaded, cynical old types, take a look at the footage below and tell us what you think. We’re off to duff up a Pokemon.



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