Iron Man - first look

From what we saw in the five-minute demo, Iron Man generally used enemies' weapons against them. He can pluck missiles right out of the sky and throw them down towards the ground. Better still he can even grab a MiG fighter jet and steer it into other enemies.

Stating the frickin' obvious, one producer explained the game's manifesto: "We're going for an action-orientated feel with essentially a lot of chaotic battlefields. And with Iron Man having the level of mobility that he does, it's up to the player to approach that battlefield how he chooses."

You're constantly fed new information and updates about what's going on in the battlefield, which Sega says is a way of constantly evolving the experience.

The finale of the early demo saw Iron Man having to take out a bunch of laser towers before going after the main objective, a massive weapon protected by shields. Even though it was an early look at just one section, we hope there'll be some bigger ideas in the final product rather than ones that include having to blow up shield generators before attacking the main target.

Our demo finished with the Sega reps saying the team is following the storyline of the movie but also drawing on 40 years of Iron Man history to enrich the experience. There'll be some sort of story element in the game that'll relate more to the character of Tony Stark and not just him dressed in a red suit.

Sega will also take full advantage of its relationship with Marvel and there's every chance we'll see a few other Marvel characters in there too. Look out for more on Iron Man ahead of its spring 2008 release, which will be multi-platform in a typically EA fashion. No platform will be safe.


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