iPhone Game of the Day: Bookworm

Game: Bookworm
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Size: 9.5MB
Out: Now

Above: It might look unappealing but the proof is in the playing

There's a crap ton of word challenge games on the iPhone, so picking the right one can be a bloody chore. But fear not, word finding fans, we've got just the one for you... Bookworm. Obviously.

It's from PopCap Games of Plants vs. Zombies fame so you instantly know you're getting a fun title. It's amount of intricate features that keep things flowing and ultimately pull you back in for another blast. Honestly, this is easily one of the most addictive games on iPhone.

Above: The library keeps a record of specific words you've already nailed

Said features include a timed mode where burning red letters destroy the tiles below it before hitting the bottom and resulting in game over. There's a library which stores words from certain categories, which you can refer back to in order to complete the set. And there are special bonus words that crop up in the top corner that give you a massive bonus if you spell them.

In terms of pure content, it's hard to argue with Bookworm being the best word-based game out there. It's ideal for keeping you entertained while increasing your vocabulary. So there's a real life benefit to this clever little game too.

Above: A little glimpse into one of the categories you can aim to fill up

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  • Modroneman - April 26, 2010 9:36 p.m.

    Classic game, great game! I just have it on 5 other platforms before this one. I still have a sealed copy for the GBA which I hear is pretty rare.

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