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International Track + Field Cheats

  • Dinosaur in the crowd:

    During the shot-put event, score 1.11m for your first attempt, 2.22m foryour second attempt, then 3.33m for your final attempt, and a dinosaur will appear in the crowd.

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  • UFO

    During the javelin event, throw the javelin at maximum power and at anangle of 60ý or more to make the UFO appear.
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  • Space Shuttle:

    During the pole vault event, qualify your first attempt, then raise the bar to 40m and clear it succesfully. A space shuttle wil now appearon your third attempt.
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  • Goodyear Blimp

    To see a blimp, go to Easy Mode, high jump and on the second jump complete 2:00m. when it's your turn to select the height again you should see a blimp
    Submitted by Jamie-lee Goldberg (
  • Balloons

    To see balloons, on Easy Mode get 9.09m on the hammer event.
    Submitted by Jamie-lee Goldberg (
  • Plane

    To see a plane, on Easy mode complete Pole Vault on 4.15m. When you next select a hight(on your next go) you will see plane
    Submitted by Jamie-lee Goldberg (

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