Insanely Twisted Co-op Planet DLC incoming

Team up to take down a strange new world

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Fuelcell games launched their first title, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, as part of the Summer of Arcade. So far it's been a success, and now, in an interview with Eurogamer, Fuelcell Games CEO Joe Olson has revealed a bit of what the team plans to do next.

As far as sequels go, if there is one “it might be the third or the fourth game [we do],” said Olson. He didn't elaborate on what their next game could be. But in the meantime, he did reveal that additional co-op content will be coming to XBLA.

When asked about the DLC, Olson gave this intriguing statement: "I can't talk too much about it as we're still in the earlier stages," which wasn't helpful. But then he added this: "one of the things - while we're really happy with how [existing multiplayer mode] Lantern Run turned out — we wanted to bring a co-op experience that's a little bit more like the core campaign experience. That's kind of our goal with the DLC." So the upcoming DLC will try to replicate some of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet's single-player experience with co-op play.

Above: Tentacles

Shadow Planet's Lantern Run mode supports 1–4 players in the game already, but we didn't find it nearly as compelling as the rest of the game in our review — it's a race for survival as a large-toothed worm surges down a corridor behind you. If Olson manages to get some of the Metroid-style puzzle solving and exploration we liked from the solo experience into multiplayer, he can have our Microsoft Points any day.

The full interview also gets into how Olson reacted to the negative reviews (people who don't like Shadow Planet don't have active imaginations), if its a good value at a $15 price point (yes), and if it's too short (it used to be bigger). You really don't need to read it because we just succinctly summarized everything for you.

Aug 8, 2011