Inglourious Basterds prequel still on?

Harvey Weinstein has been talking up Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds to GQ, and, like the director himself, has brought up the idea that there could well be a prequel to the film.

While we’re sure they’ll wait to see how the first movie is received and performs at the box office, Weinstein seems eager to get more life out of the Basterds, and drops a certain famous name who might also be back.

“Brad wants to do Inglorious II. We all want to do it. And the movie hasn’t even come out yet! But unfortunately I cannot give away the plot.”

The producer also talks up just how much material Tarantino created for this film across the years, dropping the fact that it was planned as a Band Of Brothers-style TV show at one point.

“He had so much stuff mapped out, we could have done like three movies. It was just epic.

“We could do two movies, three movies. I was begging for the movies, but Quentin wanted to do the TV series, Bob wanted to do the TV series, so it was like two against one, you know?

“And I was getting outvoted all over the place, so I just figured, All right, forget it, I’m not gonna be a loser, I’ll jump to the winning side.’ And then Quentin turns it into one movie. Go figure.

Given Tarantino’s notorious nature for dropping hints about follow-ups and other ideas while he’s on the promotional circuit (or any time he opens his mouth), we won’t hold our breath just yet. But if Basterds does well, we bet Harvey will be pushing for more.

And talking of more, he also took the chance to debunk rumours he wants the director to slice 40 minutes out of the pic.

“Those stories are all untrue. There’s no fucking way. Here, read my lips: That is nuts. Please don’t even write that, it’s insanity. There’s not even a question of that. Whatever you’re reading, it’s like some insane blogger…

“There’s no truth to any of this. He’s not gonna cut. What he’s doing is just reorganizing some scenes. I mean, the guy had six weeks to cut his movie for Cannes; most guys take six months. “

Do we believe the words of the man known as “Harvey Scissorhands”? We’ll wait until we see the final cut…

[Source: GQ ]

Excited by the thought of more Basterds? Or do you want to wait to see the first one?


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