Infernal - hands-on

In addition to the usual array of pistols and machine guns, Lennox is armed with Infernal powers that can light up almost any gloomy situation. When you click and hold the right mouse button, Lennox’s right arm will charge up with fiery energy. Releasing the button will unleash an explosive attack. These Infernal powers work like a secondary attack and differ only slightly depending on the weapon you have equipped - for the most part, it's a powered up single shot no matter which weapon you use.

However, despite all the eye candy, we’re worried that Infernal may be more of a bust than a blast, as the game's pacing sometimes slowed to a crawl. Maybe it's the way the two levels we played had a lot of backtracking designed into them. As we played through the monastery and steelworks factory, we could see our endpoints from the beginning. But going through the motions of finding the security card or flipping that certain switch before winding our way back through areas we already cleared left our itchy trigger finger unsatisfied.

We also quickly tired of Lennox's soul sucking ability as we found ourselves corpse hunting to leach a few extra health points from fallen victims. This compounded with our backtracking beefs as we found ourselves retracing our steps through empty conquered areas a few too many times.

On the other hand, Metropolis is still putting the finishing touches on the cut scenes which were absent from the build we played. If done well, these cut scenes may be just what Infernal needs to maintain the fast and furious pace it deserves before its end of the year launch.


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