Animations for reloading and hand-to-hand combat were apparently motion-captured from a British Special Air Services soldier, but they look like every other reloading animation we've ever seen. The game is all viewed in third-person, much like Max Payne, but mouse-aiming makes it feel like a regular FPS. Although enemies seem rather characterless, some are equipped with cool rocket packs, popping up from stairwells when you least expect them. We'd guess the SAS guy didn't mo-cap those.

There is currently a driving sequence present, which seems a little dull and simplistic (and looked very much like the driving section in the notoriously broken actioner  Enter the Matrix, which shipped alongside with the second Matrix movie a couple years back), but this may be removed from the final game. The variety it provides was welcome, though - we've played stealthy shooting games before and, from what we've seen, better ones too.

While the shooter has only been confirmed for PC, next-gen console releases are probable next year and a multiplayer add-on for this single-player outing is also being planned. We'll keep you up to date with Infernal as we hear more, especially regarding a US publisher. Here's hoping it demonstrates more soul than the hollow victims it leaves in its wake.


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