Once your fate is sealed, Satan gives you your missions and provides some nefarious guidance. Our first “proper” quest had us searching for an enemy in an old castle, sneaking and shooting through ancient hallways and courtyards and taking out hi-tech monks who come equipped with some serious weaponry. The action takes place from a third-person standpoint, and you’ll naturally have plenty of earthy weapons like pistols and machine guns to hurl metal against heavenly bodies with high velocity.

Of course, as an agent with evil spiritual gifts, you’ll also be able to draw upon manna to amp up the bullets’ flesh-ripping power. Hanging around churches and other heavenly areas will drain its strength, but killing makes your abilities more powerful – hardly the lessons your momma has been teaching you all these years, but very helpful in carrying out your missions.

When you kill – and you will, by the boatload - your wounds can be healed by sucking the remaining soul out of the corpses you’ve created. It’s a gorgeous, and disturbing, process that further adds to the dark vibe emanating throughout the game.

Thick on atmosphere and sporting a devilish visual style, Infernal is set to hit PCs in May. Be warned – you’ll need to toss your morals out the window.


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