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Top 5 Indie Games


This stunning third-person action-puzzler is about a robot trying to defend a space cannon from attacking. Packed full of physics-based puzzles, excellent combat and jaw-dropping visuals thanks to Unreal Engine 3, you simply can’t allow yourself to ignore this gem.

New Star Soccer 3

This novel take on the beautiful game melds Sensi Soccer with Football Manager and Goal (the film) to provide the most complete indie-gaming soccer experience currently available.

Morning’s Wrath

A superbly written, beautifully crafted isometric RPG that leads you on an epic adventure to save your land from destruction. A must-buy for any self-respecting RPG fan.

Naked War

A highly addictive and visually bold turn-based strategy game played via email in which your team of four soldiers try to kill off the opposition with guile, tactics and some serious firepower.

Lugaru: The Rabbit’s Foot

An ambitious and extremely entertaining third-person action/adventure in which you play a killer rabbit bent on revenge after his entire family is murdered. Inspired stuff.


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