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Boom Voyage

Developer - Kraisoft

This is one of the best Breakout clones we’ve played in quite some time.

The luscious 3D visuals, quality sound and well-paced action help enhance the age-old gameplay mechanic of bouncing a ball off a moving paddle in order to break columns of bricks.

Admittedly, there’s not really all that much that’s new here, but what Boom Voyage does do, it does with style. The exotic 3D structures crack and sag as the balls smash into them, while a staggering collection of power-ups that change the length of your paddle, game speed and the type and amount of balls in play make this a thrilling and visually pleasing pastime. You can even grab power-ups that allow you to fire bullets at the structures and call in alien attacks that bomb the bricks below them.

The sheer attention to detail is superb and had a few more novel ideas been in evidence here, then Boom Voyage would have scored even more highly. If Breakout’s your bag though, you’ll love it.

GamesRadar Score - 7


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