Indiana Jones - first look

We saw these new robot smarts in action during a later, more interesting level that had Indy hurtling down hills in San Francisco atop a runaway cable car. Groups of thugs pulled up in trucks, and while some leapt on top to battle Indy, others jumped into the carriage to try and hit the brakes or climb up from within. In the end, it looked like standard fight-off-waves-of-enemies fare, but it was still fun to watch the baddies fall off and curl into fetal positions on the street.

Strangely, all this organic intelligence didn't stop one of the thugs from running straight into an explosive barrel and shooting some 200 feet into the air. But with the release date set for summer of 2007, the developers should have plenty of time to work out the kinks.

More impressive than the artificial intelligence was what the presenter called "digital molecular matter." Thanks to next-gen processing power, the developers were able to build every object in the game with a molecular structure that mimics the real thing. The end result is that wood splinters like real wood, metal gets dented and rubber flexes. Sidewalk benches break down like they're made of balsa wood, which looks a little odd. But even so, we're looking forward to seeing how the mechanic shapes up next year, and also to seeing how it'll be scaled back for the PS2 and handheld editions.