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Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Cheats

  • Various Cheats (FULL version Only)

    Entry location: Press F10 then enter a code below
    urgon_elsa - Get Weapons

    talkit_marion on - God Mode
    talkit_marion off - Disable God Mode

    nub_willie - Get hints

    azerim_sophia - Health Items

    mem - Show Memory

    version - Show Version of Game

    polys - Polygon Rate Info

    toto - Free machine gun

    deriver - Walk thru walls

    pop - Instant Death

    horse - A horse for Jones
    Submitted by None
  • Various Cheats (DEMO version - May work in full version)

    fixme - Get Jones unstuck

    endcredit - Show end game

    framerate - show framerate

    makemeapirate - Jokes
    Submitted by None
  • Show Dev Team Members

    At passcode screen put in CHEESE!!
    Submitted by None
  • Horse for Indy

    At passcode screen type HORSE
    Submitted by None
  • Hard Mode

    At passcode screen put in REALHARD
    Submitted by None
  • Pick Level

    At passcode screen put in FORGEOFF or FORGEALL
    Submitted by None
  • All Weapons

    At the cheat screen thing type in EURGON ELSA
    Submitted by Bobby
  • Get Audio Showroom

    At passcode screen put in MUCKE
    Submitted by None
  • Show Artwork

    At passcode screen put in ANCIENT
    Submitted by None
  • Show Credits

    At passcode screen put in ABSPANN
    Submitted by None
  • Move while whipping

    This isn't really a cheat, but it's fun. Anyway first you have to whip twice then stop, now do it one more time, then stop, now the next time you whip first push forward then whip and keep whipping and you can move (even jump) try it
    Submitted by None
  • Easy Treasure at Tian Shian Mountain Range

    There is a easy treasure at tian shian mountain range as soon as Indy drops in from his parachute turn around and go in the cave grab the pile of gold coins and 1 healing herb.
    Submitted by Moe Joe (Josh MacDavid)
  • How to get through the first door on V.I. Pudovkin

    To get through the first door without letting the russian guard seeing you you must climb on top of your bed and there is a lock thats unlocked hit A and Indy will open it and push the door gate vent thing open. Then go back and knock(If you havent knocked already go knock then come back and do the cheat) then quickly climb the bed and then up on to the the open door gate vent thing the russian guard will some in and he wont be able to find you then while he goes around the corner get down of the vent door thing and go out the open door then Indy automatically closes the door and it will lock the russian guard in.
    Submitted by Moe Joe (Josh MacDavid)
  • Getting the machete

    To get the machete you have to get to the level Palawan Lagoon you have to have the machete to chop vines in lots of levels and to kill fish and sharks under water. To get it go to the Palawan lagoon and when you first ge there turn around and go into a cave
    then get out a combat rifle and shoot the monitor lizard then use you whip to swing across then walk over to the nearby skeleton and grab the machete also grab the treasure by the sy the skeleton.
    Submitted by None
  • Tips

    Look before you leap=The instruction booklet tells you hoe to activate indys looking option. When you come to a pit or cliff edge, use look to see what waits at the bottom it could be spikes, a really big fall, no bottom at all, and maybe spiders or snakes. At dead ends, use look to see ladders, struts, and posts to whip.

    Whatch your indicaters= There are various indicaters, there are air indicaters to tell you how much air there is left if you are under water, and on the the level Aetherium (toward the end) you get an Autherium indicater that can and will run out quickly the on ly way to replenish this indicater is to spend time in one of Aether Saps(part of the level) pockets of reality(our own dimension). Throughout the game you will find Infernal Machine parts there are 4, Urgons Part(you get at the end of the Shambala Sanctuary) which allows you to blow up cracked walls and lava wariors, and there is Taklit's part(you get at the end of the Palawan Temple) which lets you become invisible to enemys, there is also Azerims(you get at the end of Omlec vally) which allows you to float up on a Marduk square, and there is one more Nubs Part(you get on the level Nub's tomb) which when you touch it to special panels in nubs tomb it opens doors and sometimes lowers bridges. All of the parts have in!
    dicaters and when they run out they start taking away Indy's life the only way to restore them is to put them away and take them out and just letting them sit in your hand.
    Submitted by Moe Joe (Josh MacDavid)

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