Blade has figured out a way of making the wet stuff act and react in three dimensions under the effects of virtual gravity. You’ve seen games with fancy-looking water in them before, but they only worked on a single plane - this new stuff spills and sloshes, torrents and dampens everywhere.

Water can flood in and kill you - or you can use it to drown the enemy, float objects around on natural currents or watch in frustration as it bubbles up and gets stuff wet that you need to keep dry.

Overall, the floating city-in-peril/terrorists-against-clean-water angle will help to create a unique survival experience where you use the enemy’s location against them in an environment that encompasses everything from hotels and offices to sinking boats. Nothing can dampen our enthusiasm.

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  • ryno - December 2, 2008 3 a.m.

    this game looks good. but it will kinda make me need the toilet after a while

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