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    Quick Tips for Quiet Captains Here is an in-depth analysis of all seven training, 11 single, and 15 campaign missions. I. Training Missions 1. The Silent Service Two US Spruance class destroyers are playing the role of enemy vessels in this mission. Don't shoot them. No special loadout is required for this mission so read your briefing carefully then get underway. Your objective is to transit the exercise area undetected and reach a point 50 nautical miles south of your start position. This mission emphasizes stealth. You are required to receive radio traffic at least once during the exercise. Accept for those times when you are receiving radio traffic, remain as deep as possible and set your speed at 10-15 knots. Steer clear of the two surface ships. 2. Assault On Freeport This mission is an exercise in the use of Tomahawk missiles. You are required to fire four of these missiles from a specific point within a very narrow launch window. The launch point is 30 nautical miles to the south-east so you're going to have to hurry. Set turns to 25 knots and take up a course of 165 degrees. Don't worry about cavitating, there are no other naval vessels in the area. Once you reach the launch point, raise your radio mast and check on the latest traffic. Your orders require that the missiles make landfall at specific locations. Use the targeting map and set the missile waypoints accordingly. All of the missiles must be launched prior to 19:15 hours so watch the clock. 3. Virginia SLMMs This is a two-part mission. The first part gives you some practical experience in laying hasty minefields. The second part requires you to navigate through the minefield you just laid. You'll need at least six SLMMs to complete this mission but take a few extras just in case. Swap out a couple torpedoes in favor of extra mines but make sure you have the minimum required number. When you have placed six mines at the locations called for in your briefing, you are ready to tackle the second part of the mission. Because you know their locations, getting past these mines will be a piece of cake. (It won't be so easy later on when you are asked to pass through an enemy field, however.) Essentially, all you need to do is plot a course and speed that avoids getting too close. 4. Fire One! Two MK-37 mobile targets are playing the role of enemy Victor II class submarines. Your mission is to destroy these two targets using ADCAP Ex torpedoes. No special load-out is required. Just read the briefing and get underway. Torpedo hits on these targets are simulated. You'll know if you score a hit when the torpedo executes a turnaway maneuver and shuts down. The closer of the two MK-37s is located only several thousand yards to your northeast at a depth of 150 feet. The second MK-37 is located several nautical miles to your south-southeast at a depth of 500 feet. 5. Just Like John Wayne Target identification plays a big part in this mission. You are surrounded by numerous contacts but only two are legitimate targets. The rest are neutral fishing boats or other non-military vessels. Make certain of your targets before shooting. (You're going to feel very silly putting a torpedo into somebody's Bayliner.) The two targets you need to destroy are Cimarron class tankers. Since these targets are surface vessels you'll want to position yourself above the thermal layer. The closer of the two tankers is located several nautical miles to the west. Take up a course of 270 degrees and set turns for 5 knots. One ADCAP EX should do the trick. The second target is located to the east. Turn to 90 degrees and proceed at flank speed to intercept. Again, be careful of civilian and neutral shipping in the area. 6. SINKEX You are to attack a non-moving target (a ex-Oliver Perry class frigate) with a Harpoon anti-ship missile using only your ESM sensor. Raise your ESM mast to get a bearing on the target. It's located at approximately 88 degrees. Set a course of 90 degrees and make turns for 2 knots. Set your Harpoon search pattern to wide, and fire. You must be sure the target area is clear before firing. Monitor radio traffic and check your ESM readings frequently. Two neutral merchant ships are leaving the area. If you fire too soon, there's a possibility you may hit one. Don't be in a rush to launch the missiles. 7. Mano a Mano Consider this mission as your Graduation Day exercise. In the ultimate test of your seamanship, you are to engage another 688(I) submarine in simulated combat, one on one. Just to make things a little more difficult, a merchant ship will be transiting the exercise area from north to south at 10 knots. Ignore it. Not only is the 688(I) a very capable submarine, your opponent is one of the Navy's top sub drivers. His Proficient rating means you have your work cut out for you. At the start of this mission, the "enemy" is located approximately 10 nautical miles to the north-north-west below the layer at a depth of 700 feet. He's moving at 10 knots so you should detect him early on. II. Single Missions 1. One Step At A Time This first mission is a tutorial. Follow the walk-through instructions in the manual. 2. Fighter Planes Don't Float This is a Search and Rescue (SAR) mission. A raft with several pilots is located about 30 nautical miles to the north-north-east. A Grisha and Heroj are lurking in the vicinity of the downed pilots, however. Remain near the surface and begin slowly moving north. Use your ESM sensor to target the Grisha and fire a bearing-only salvo of two Harpoons. The Heroj is located about 10 nautical miles north of you, moving west to east at a speed of 5 knots. It has a Novice crew and shouldn't pose too much of a problem. Get rid of it quickly then move to pick up the pilots. Be sure to monitor the radio for late-breaking information. 3. Mohamar's Madness Your objective is the destruction of a chemical weapons plant at 29-30N, 20-30E. It is protected by three SAM bunkers so you will have to guide your TLAMs accordingly. Three Libyan surface ships (a Krivak and two Grishas) and a Foxtrot are on patrol nearby so things will get tricky. Time is critical so move quickly. You must launch all the missiles by 08:15 hours. It is not necessary to engage the Libyan vessels, so don't. You can count on being detected, though, so launch your missiles then get the heck outta Dodge. 4. Rebel Yell You are to destroy a Delta class SSBN in the Sea of Okhotsk. Guarding the Delta are two attack subs, an Akula and Victor II. Be advised that a biological is transiting the area, so confirm your targets before firing. All three of the enemy subs are north of your position moving west to east. The nearest enemy sub is the Victor II. It is traveling at 8 knots at a depth of 150 feet. This places it above the thermal layer. A single ADCAP should take care of business. The Akula will be a little more difficult to get rid of. It is running at 5 knots and located below the thermal layer. The Delta is located about 2 nautical miles further north. 5. Fidel's Folly Your objective is to enter a mined harbor and destroy a cargo ship carrying nuclear weapons. This mission is difficult because of the enemy helicopters patrolling the entrance. Limit your time near the surface. To enter the harbor, stick to the eastern coastline. This will avoid the minefield. Use your ESM sensor to target the cargo ship and use Harpoon missiles to destroy it before it leaves port. You can safely ignore the Grisha moving into the area but watch out for the Helix helicopters overhead. They present the greatest threat to your sub. 6. Oscar Winning Performance The friendly battlegroup you are protecting is located about 40 nautical miles to the south-southeast. It consists of an aircraft carrier (the USS Nimitz) and an Arleigh Burke class missile cruiser. An Oscar II submarine (with a Proficient level crew) is located less than 10 nautical miles to the north. It is moving south at 12 knots to attack the battlegroup. Its present course will bring it close to your position. Make your depth 300 feet and come to a course of 355 degrees. Set turns for 3 knots and wait. Your forward sonar should detect the enemy sub within a few minutes. Because of the highly trained crew, expect it to evade your torpedoes. Launch multiple fish as a precaution. 7. Against All Odds This is one of the most difficult missions. Your objective is the Russian carrier: Kuznetsov. Unfortunately, it is protected by two Slava class destroyers, two Akula class subs, and several Helix helicopters. All enemy forces have Proficient rated crews. The battlegroup is located about 50 nautical miles west of your position. The two Akula subs are deployed ahead of the surface ships. Get a bearing on the surface ships using your ESM sensor. Fire at least two Harpoons at each target but don't linger near the surface. The helicopters will be breathing down your neck very soon. Try to knock out the surface ships with Harpoons otherwise you will be forced to close in with torpedoes and have to deal with the Akulas. 8.Rebel Yell II An Akula class submarine is chasing down a friendly surface battlegroup. Although it has a Proficient rated crew, it will be easy to detect. It is traveling below the thermal layer at a speed of 20 knots. Your submarine is between the battlegroup and the Akula. Maintain your present position and it will come to you. Expect it to successfully evade at least one of your torpedoes. Fire several just as a precaution. 9. Keep the Petrol Flowing Two Kilo class submarines are chasing after a damaged merchant tanker. You must arrive there first so set your course for 300 degrees and make turns for 25 knots. Maneuvering will be difficult because of the confined area in the Strait. Make your depth 100 feet. This will ensure that you don't plow into the bottom. Once you reach the vicinity of the merchant ship, change course to 270 degrees. You'll want to get between it and the subs coming in from the west. Drop your speed to 5 knots and deploy your towed array. The Kilos are quiet but they're no match for your 688(I). Assign two ADCAPs per sub. 10. Let My People Go Your objective is to drop off a Navy SEAL team at 08-29N, 077-06W by 02:00 hours. Mark this location on your Navigation overlay. You must remain at this location for the next two hours in order to recover the SEAL team and hostages. Three Turya class patrol boats are in the area. Don't engage them unless it is absolutely necessary. A Helix helicopter is on patrol north-northwest of your location. Spend as little time on the surface as possible. 11. Need A Lift This is one of the more interesting missions. There are two Kilo class enemy subs in the area, a crippled friendly sub to rescue, a DSRV to deploy and recover, plus a minefield to watch out for. Time is critical. You have only three hours to make the rescue. Set a course for 360 degrees and make turns for 32 knots. This course will keep you safely east of the minefield. Your objective is to drop off the DSRV at 26-49N, 56-41E. Mark this location on your Navigation overlay. Upon reaching this point, set your speed to zero. The DSRV launches and recovers automatically. III. Campaign Region 1: The Caribbean 1. Sealing Their Fate, Part I Your mission is to insert a Navy SEAL team off the southern coast of Cuba (22-02N, 080-38W). Success depends on remaining undetected. Engaging enemy vessels is out of the question. The water is deep enough to allow you to get below the layer and crank up your speed. Do it. You must reach the insertion point quickly. Watch out for the Foxtrot class sub and Koni class frigate. These vessels are located between you and the drop-off area. Since you cannot engage them, determine their bearing then cut behind them. 2. Sealing Their Fate, Part II This mission requires you to go back in a pick up the SEAL team you dropped off previously. Two enemy Foxtrots are stationed along the coast near the pick-up point (22-02N, 80-38W). They are creeping along at 3 knots just waiting for you to come sailing in. Be careful. Two Osa class patrol boats are located 20 nautical miles to your west. They are also moving toward the pick-up at high speed. Finally, a Grisha class frigate is several nautical miles east of your position. It is likely to detect you unless you dive below the layer and keep your speed low. 3. Doing Drugs Congratulations, you recovered the team and brought back proof of drug labs in Cuba. Now you must destroy these labs with Tomahawk missiles. Move quickly to the launch point and fire two missiles at each lab. The coordinates are given to you via radio. On your targeting map, you'll see the location of enemy SAM bunkers. Steer your TLAMs between the bunkers to avoid having the missiles shot down. There are no enemy subs to worry about but there are three Osa patrol boats and two enemy choppers in the area. 4. Crush the Cartel Two cargo ships containing drugs will be leaving the port of Barranquilla. Monitor the radio for the latest information concerning their exact location. You are not authorized attack vessels of the Columbian Navy so steer clear. They may mistakenly attack you. When the mission begins, set a course for 145 degrees and make turns for 5 knots. The two cargo ships will appear on sonar before long. Fire two torpedoes at each vessel. 5. Snatch the Boss This is the last mission in the campaign. You are to take out the drug lord by blowing up his yacht; the de la Cruz. The yacht is located 30 nautical miles directly east of your present position. When the mission begins, set a course for 80 degrees. You may destroy the yacht with either Harpoons or torpedoes. It's your call. Two FS 1500 patrol boats are also in the area. They are not in a position to interfere unless you linger at the start location. IV. Campaign Region 2: The Mediterranean 1. RO/RO Your Boat Your objective is a RO/RO container ship located 20 nautical miles to the north-northeast. Wait for radio traffic giving you permission to fire. When authorized, get an ESM fix on the vessel then launch your Harpoons. There are numerous neutral and civilian vessels in the area so be careful. There is one Heroj class sub further to the north but it does not represent a serious threat. 2. Across the Line of Death You are protecting a friendly battlegroup consisting of the USS Nimitz and two Arleigh Burke cruisers. These vessels are located about 30 miles to the west of your position. A fast moving Osa class patrol boat has slipped between you and the battlegroup. Radio traffic will give you permission to fire. Hit the Osa with several Harpoons as soon as possible. A Kilo class submarine, located north of you, is also threatening the battlegroup. It is travelling above the layer at 6 knots. Target it with two ADCAPs. 3. Surgically Removed You are ordered to destroy two Libyan airbases with TLAMs as a retaliatory measure. Radio traffic gives you the firing point and launch window. Move quickly to 31-47N, 18-55E. Two Libyan IL-38s are releasing sonobuoys nearby so you will have to complete the firing sequence and leave the area quickly. Steer your TLAMs so that they avoid the SAM sites near the coast. A three ship Libyan surface group is located to the west. You are free to engage these vessels only after you destroy your assigned targets. V. Campaign Region 3: The Persian Gulf 1. Straight To Hell This mission is like playing with razor blades in the middle of a busy intersection. You must confirm the presence of a minefield while dealing with two angry Kilo class subs and a couple of Helix helicopters. Radio traffic will direct your activities. The enemy vessels have highly rated crews so be careful. There is no time limit to worry about. Track down and destroy the subs first, then deal with the mines. 2. Duck In A Shooting Gallery You are to launch a Navy SEAL team with orders to knock out an Iranian oil platform. Radio traffic directs you to the release point. A Koni class frigate and Kotor gunboat are patrolling the area. Avoid engaging these vessels unless absolutely necessary. Release the SEAL team then remain on station. The team will return for pick-up automatically. Transmit the "mission complete" message when you are at least 100 nautical miles away. 3. Sink The Navy This is a straight-up fight with the Iranian Navy. Three enemy surface ships are located about 20 nautical miles away to the north-northeast. Use your ESM sensor and Harpoon missiles to target and destroy them quickly. A Kilo class sub is directly north of your start position. It has a Novice crew and should be easy to deal with. A Helix helicopter is flying a box patrol to the west. Ignore it. Unless you spend too much time near the surface, it will not venture close. VI. Campaign Region 4: The North Pacific 1. They Said They Were Just Training This mission requires you to locate four North Korean minisubs. These tiny vessels are hard to detect. You'll have to use active sonar so forget about remaining stealthy. There are four Grisha patrol boats strung in a line running west to east. Set a course of 230 degrees and dive below the layer. Turn to 270 degrees after about 20 minutes. You'll find the mini-subs west of 128E. Be advised that two Helix helicopters are also patrolling this area. 2. Rogue Russian This is a sub vs sub duel. An Akula class boat (with an Advanced rated crew) is protecting a Delta class SSBN (also with an Advanced rated crew). These subs are both located approximately 15 nautical miles to your north-northeast. They are moving very slowly above the thermal layer in preparation to launch nuclear SLBMs. Take out the Akula first. It is the more dangerous of the two subs. There is a whale pod very close to the enemy subs. Check your targets carefully before firing. 3. Rebel Revenge This is one of the more interesting missions. An Akula class sub is hunting a British (allied) Trident class sub. You must take out the Akula without anyone knowing you're there (even the Trident). As the mission begins, you are between the two subs. The Akula is located 20 nautical miles away along a bearing of 155 degrees, give or take. Proceed slowly to avoid detection. The Akula will have to pass by you in order to get to the Trident. 4. Give It Everything You've Got The final mission in the game is a blockbuster. Your objective is to kill off the Russian aircraft carrier Kuznetsov. Protecting it, however, is a surface group containing a Krivak and two Grishas. There are also two Akulas, two Kilos, and a Foxtrot in your immediate area, not to mention two Helix helicopters overhead. To win this mission, you must lay a minefield at several pre-determined locations. Monitor the radio for late breaking news. Good luck. There are no easy hints to relate here. Just give it everything you've got!
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