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HSV Adventure Racing Cheats, Codes & Guides

HSV Adventure Racing Cheats

  • Unlock HSV cop car

    Win the bonus championship by placing first in the overall rankings. You also unlock Wicked Woods for single race and two player race
    Submitted by Texas Rattlesnake
  • Cheats for cheat menu

    Play any championship and on the first level go to the town after the waterfall and go over the uprising bridge. After u go over turn around and there will be a opening in an area. The cheat is in there.
    Submitted by Texas Rattlesnake
  • Get cheat menu

    Play any championship. On the first level make your way to the barn with the 2 hay stacks. In the hay stack to the left there is a red box with a flower on it, smash through this and finish the race. Now go into options and the cheat menu will be added to the bottom.
    Submitted by Texas Rattlesnake
  • Cheat for Cheat Menu

    On the first level of any championship, make your way to jump after the barn and behind the statues on the left there is a cheat box
    Note: there are 18 cheats in all which equals 3 cheats per stage.
    Submitted by Texas Rattlesnake
  • Cheat for Cheat Menu

    On the second level of any championship, make your way to the forest after the Big jump. As you come out of the cave after the jump, there are two tree's immediately to the right before the signs that say left turn. The cheat box is amongst the two tree's.
    Submitted by Texas Rattlesnake
  • Start Fast!!!!!!

    message: At the start of any race after the guy has said "go!" press the "L" button. This should make your car flash get up to speeds of 70-80 mph and get you passed at least 1 or 2 cars. You should hold down the accelerator to make you go faster after you have pressed the "L" button.
    Submitted by Aaron Duncan

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