How To Train Your Dragon review

A soaring, roaring triumph when it comes to head-spinning visuals, How To Train Your Dragon keeps things simple. Viking kid (voiced by Jay Baruchel) meets wild dragon. Realises they’re not that mean. Attempts to convince villagers (all as “tough and tasteless” as their food) to train rather than terminate them. Adults boast Scottish burrs, kids are American (go figure).

But where the script is clear-cut, the dialogue decidedly undemanding, it’s the breathless highs of Dragon’s breakneck CG set-pieces that thrill. The 3D, of course, adds extra bite, gifting proceedings with a spine-snapping trajectory that dazzles during the flick’s finest moments (check out that epic final battle).

Sadly, so-so B characters aren’t given a look in, meaning it’s the fun fire-breathers that will be remembered. And with Shrek belching his last this year (in series farewell Shrek Forever After), DreamWorks Animation are relying on Dragon for success. Will it fire up a franchise? Keep watching the skies.


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