How to make a Wii arcade stick

Step 2: Top

Since we want our joystick to look nice, we’ll be putting a big piece of plastic on the top. The plastic needs to be exactly the same size as the inner portion of your frame. Mark the dimensions on your plastic, and draw lines to cut them. If you used polycarbonate, you’ll need a hacksaw to cut it - clamping another straight piece of scrap wood on top will help you guide the saw.

If you chose acrylic, then you can try and hacksaw, but be careful because acrylic cracks very easily. Alternatively, you could score it with a utility knife and snap it. Generally speaking, acrylic is advantageous because it’s less prone to scratches and just a little bit cheaper, but polycarbonate is much easier to work with. Either way, once you’re done, use some 100-grit sandpaper to file down the edges until you have a nice fit. Also, don’t remove the protective covering on the plastic until the whole thing is finished.


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