How to make a Wii arcade stick

Step 1: Frame

Important: if you’re a kid, do not attempt any of this without one of those “grown-ups” helping.

So: the frame is constructed from four planks that have been glued together to make a rectangle. You’ll need a miter saw to do this - it’s a tool that lets you make precise lateral cuts. There are two types of cuts: 45 degrees or straight.

Straight cuts are much easier overall, but tend to leave noticeable seams on the final product where the edge meets the face. On the other hand, a lot can go wrong with angle cuts (usually because the angles end up not being exactly 45 degrees and then they don’t connect with each other properly), and they’re much harder to do.

The size is up to you - we suggest a top surface of 35cm x 25cm, which is very comfortable.

Arrange the pieces on a flat surface and check to see if they fit together. Once you’re happy, apply wood glue to the edges and gently press the four parts together (do all four at once). Leave the pieces on the flat surface for at least six hours before you touch them, and 24 hours before you start doing work on it. You don’t need to use screws or apply pressure - a good wood glue joint can be stronger, and since you won’t be putting much stress on the joystick, you don’t need a strong joint.

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