How to be a better fanboy

The background:

It's the cool one: the one everyone's mum thinks about when you mention computer games, the one scaremongering newspapers always mention, the ones the bad kids play without any headphones on trains. PlayStation's popular, but it's also aspirational – the cinematic visuals of games like Heavenly Sword show that Sony are at least trying to push the boundaries of what's possible, while the likes of Uncharted and the latest Ratchet & Clank showcase pure gaming at its best.

If you're hitching yourself to the Sony wagon, you’ll want to point out that games like Loco Roco and Little Big Planet represent a welcome departure from the men-in-big-shoulder-pads Xbox 360 catalogue, then segue smoothly into talking about how Home's going to reinvent online interaction. Avoid thorny topics like Manchester Cathedral and the goat thing.

Forum ammunition:

Developers like it
At GDC 2007 Shiny Entertainment founder Dave Perry said: "I think that Sony has made the best machine. It's the best piece of hardware, without question," while TimeSplitters creator and Free Radical Design head honcho Dave Doak says that: "Playstation has always been a sort of spiritual home for us."

It's helping to cure Alzheimer's
In March Stanford University announced that their Folding@Home project was expanding to the PS3, letting console owners lend their processing power to the project's research into diseases like Parkinson's and several forms of cancer. More than 250,000 users have contributed, and at its peak the PS3 contributes around 700 teraflops of processing power, a whopping 420 more teraflops than the world’s most powerful supercomputer Blue Gene.

It's got loads of games for it
Despite all the grumbles about backward compatibility, PS3 owners have got a massive back catalogue to choose from: 1,782 of the 2,451 PS2 games so far released in Europe will work on a PS3, while the Xbox 360 boasts a mere 295 backwards compatible games at last count.

It's the dictator’s choice
In December 2000 US Customs and the FBI jointly investigated the transfer of a large number - as many as 4000 - of PS2s to Iraq. Some 'experts' claimed that 12-15 of the machines bundled together could be powerful enough to control a pilotless plane, while also getting past the embargo on the transfer of supercomputers to Iraq due to their console status. Reports that George Bush has an Xbox: unconfirmed.

Xbox 360s tend to break
A lot. With Microsoft putting aside a reported $1 billion to replace consoles suffering from the Red Ring Of Death, many industry analysts put the (unconfirmed) failure rate of 360s at a terrifying one in three. According to German magazine ComputerTechnik it's all because they used the wrong sort of lead-free solder...

It's got Blu-Ray
Although the conflict was compared to the great Betamax vs VHS war of the 80s, Sony's preferred format's got the wink from Blockbuster, who claim that '70 percent of consumers are renting Blu-Ray discs'. Industry analysts point to the bundling of a Blu-Ray player with PS3 - and the fact that most porn studios are releasing content on Blu-Ray – as the reason for the victory.

Rappers love it
Redman name-drops the console on Let's Get Dirty, pointing out that: "My dress code is all black when I'm makin' the moves, similar to the new PlayStation 2." Ludacris advocates getting one in your car in Roll Out, asking "PlayStation 2 up in the ride and is that Lorenzo-kitted?" Meanwhile, on the Grind Date, hip-hop luminaries De La Soul state that they "got a grind date to make, no time for sittin’ and playin’ Xbox." And nobody ever mentions the GameCube.

PS3s can kill 360s
1UP editor John Davidson reports leaving his two children playing with the rival consoles encased in the same entertainment centre – separately the heat they give off's impressive, but together they created furnace-like atmosphere in which only Sony's shiny wonderbeast survived.

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