How cats wound up in Nintendogs + Cats

Producer reveals how felines found their way into the canine-centric series

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As a diehard cat person, I’m pleased to see the inclusion of cats in Nintendogs + Cats, an exciting Nintendo 3DS launch title, which I’m sure I’ll never play. But how exactly did felines find their way into the latest entry in the canine-centric series? The answer may surprise you.

Speaking at Nintendo World 2011 producer Hideki Konno introduced Nintendogs + Cats to the audience, showing off a bunch of adorable features, like how in-game pets will recognize the faces of people who regularly play with them.

Above: A needy puppy, desperate for attention (front). A proud feline patrolling your living room (back)

Above: Players line up to sample the Nintendogs + Cats demo at Nintendo World 2011

Konno then went on to reveal the dirty little secret behind the soon-to-be-infamous ‘Cat Gate’ scandal, saying “During development of 3DS Nintendogs, Shigeru Miyamoto got a cat.” According to Konno, Nintendo had been considering a Nintencats and a Nintenhorse title targeted towards European markets. They even considered a Nintendolphin game! How kickass would that be? However, Miyamoto pointed towards all the discoveries players could make in a world where dogs and cats live together with his infinite wisdom - and Nintendogs + Cats was born.

Nintendogs + Cats is scheduled to release on February 26 in Japan. In the meantime, check out our hands-on preview on the three dimensional pet sim.

[Source: 4gamer via Andriasang]

Jan 11, 2011