Hour of Victory - updated impressions

Playing as the Covert-op was a lot less frantic but just as nerve-wracking. One very cool aspect of this soldier class - besides the stealthy knife kills - is that you’re able to travel the same speed crouching as you would when walking upright. We snuck through sewer pipes, hid in tunnels and scampered around crates to remain out of sight yet none of that mattered once we were inevitably spotted. One place you don’t want to trade bullets with the Third Reich is in a cramped sewer tunnel.

Our time with the Ranger was limited yet effectively illustrated the best occasion to whip out your sniper rifle. While escorting an armed scientist - thankfully no character’s useless in Victory - you’ll come upon a courtyard of bullet fodder. Before you can throw in the towel and denounce Capitalism, you’ll find a “rope” which lets your Ranger scale the building and take out the sitting ducks. Whether we’ll appreciate the obvious indicator upon release remains to be seen, but right now it felt a little like babying.

Despite being on track for a late June release, we did see some rough patches in the collision detection. We were told that Victory’s enemies used a combination of ragdoll physics and death animations. Maybe this is to blame for an enemy we saw get shot in the face twice without dying?

Hopefully some of the kinks can be ironed out before Hour of Victory deploys on our shores in a couple months. Check this space for updates and be sure to click the Images tab to see Old Glory sock it to the Kaiser.


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