Hour of Victory - updated impressions

World War II can only come in so many flavors, yet it seems like most game developers take the FPS-route and probably for good reason; it’s super fun to shoot Nazis in the face. The good folks at Midway know this all too well and are about to roll out Hour of Victory this summer. But really, why should you care? In a world full of Medal of Honor’s, Call of Duty’s and Generic of Bland-title’s, Victory tries to spice up the formula a bit. And no, it doesn’t mean you’ll get to shoot at the rest of the Axis of Evil (Fascist Italians or Imperialist Japanese if you fell asleep in school, ya slacker).

We’ve touched upon the three different solider classes in earlier previews; the Commando is your all-around grunt, your Covert-op gets his stealth on and the Ranger snipes from afar. Between levels and checkpoints you can select which solider will attempt the next mission, opening up a myriad of ways to complete your mission and return to base in time for the next USO show. And with different characters come different skill sets and ways to complete the levels.

What that basically means is that for each character you’ll easily find a context-sensitive situation that utilizes your “skill set.” In one snowbound level, we witnessed the Commando blast his way through enemies only to reach a dead end. The only door out was locked, yet if you were the Covert-op, than you’d be lock-picking your way to greener pastures, thereby coming into contact with fewer Nazis. Instead, the Commando used his extensive crate-pushing training to push a gigantic crate out of the way, gaining access to the remainder of the level and yup, more Nazis.


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