Hour of Victory - hands-on

First up is the SAS combat guy, whose “special” move is running up to people and shooting the crap out of them. If you want to put the boot into the fascists with a little more subtlety, then take the stealth approach with Major Taggert, a covert forces operative who can pick locks, cut through chains, use his silenced sub-machine gun (no, really) to flank enemies on the sly or stab enemies in the back. And finally, there’s Blackbull, a sniper expert who basically heads for the upper floors to gain an advantage. It means that you can always choose different routes and get what coders nFusion reckon is a new experience from each level; and the checkpoints to change characters come thick and fast.

However, from the twitchy aiming, ridiculous voices and wobbly production values, it felt like the shallowest war experience yet. The level we played was designed with different paths, but each felt uncomfortably linear and tight, as if it wouldn’t trust you to find your own way around a more rewarding sandbox. And finally, the tank section seemed hugely unbalanced, as we found it easier to take out enemies on foot with a Panzerschrek than sat inside several tons of war-machine. There's work to be done for sure with a summer release date looming fast.


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