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Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver Cheats, Codes & Guides

Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    On a custom track just type in one of these cheats
    What Code Does Code
    Headlights on/off L
    Change scenery W
    Crash C
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  • Big Points

    If you want to get a lot of points (average over a hundred) pick a car with the best handling and go to the sand box level. When you come to the first jump reverse your car in mid air so you are going backwards. Keep going backwards as much as possible. NOTE: steering is switched. Left is right and right is left but the forward and backward buttons are still the same. By the end of the level if you did not crash a lot you should get a lot of points.
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  • Level Passwords

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    Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver

    Level Passwords

    Shadow Jet
    2 left,up,left,down,up,a
    3 right,up,right,down,up,a
    4 up,b,up,up,left,a
    5 b,left,b,up,up,left
    6 down,left,up,a,up,up
    Tow Jam
    2 b,b,left,up,a,b
    3 left,left,up,a,b
    4 left,left,up,left,a,left
    5 down,up,left,down,down,a
    6 b,b,b,right,right,up
    Way To Fast
    2 right,a,right,b,left,down
    3 down,right,b,right,down,b
    4 right,right,down,a,down,a
    5 up,a,a,down,left,up
    6 left,up,a,b,b,right
    Slide Out
    2 down,a,up,a,b,b
    3 left,b,left,right,down,b
    4 down,b,b,b,right,down
    5 a,a,right,right,b,down
    6 right,up,left,up,left,right
    Submitted by mike

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