Hot Rod: American Street Drag Cheats, Codes & Guides

Hot Rod: American Street Drag Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    Create a new player name using the following names:

    SheBeast - Get She beast car

    Brain - Get Brain car

    MOISDNE - Get money & cars

    Reptomicus - Get Repto Car

    Invader - Get Invader Car
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  • How to Get Money Without Using Cheat Codes

    When you first start the game buy a car strip it, sell the parts and then sell the car. You'll get between $100-1400 every time you buy and strip a car.
    Submitted by Road-Kill

Hot Rod: American Street Drag Hints

  • Best Car

    Go to sumpter town and talk to the boss at the station and then go outside and press T and then Trixie and that will get you the Hot Rod.
    Submitted by Dudegirl

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Available Platforms: PC