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Homeworld 2 Cheats

  • Get More Ships

    Go to Homeworld2\Bin\Profiles\Profile1\Campaign\ASCENSION
    slect persistX.lua (x is the mission number)
    inside add
    tactic = 1,
    type = "Hgn_Destroyer",
    subsystems = {
    index = 0,
    name = "HGN_DES_ENGINE",
    buildjobs = {
    size = 1,
    shiphold = {
    name = "",
    teamColourHandle = 17,
    hotkey = 67108928,
    at the end before
    RUs = xxx,
    you can get one destroyer
    you can add this for more time to get more destroyers
    Submitted by rudolf
  • Set starting money

    Find the file named "persistx.lua" (where X is the mission number) in your bin\profiles\profileX\Campaign\Campaign name\ folder. Open the file in notepad, find the line "RUs = x" (where X is your starting resources for that mission) and change it to whatever you want. The line is always the last line in the file, so finding it shouldn't be hard.
    For this cheat to work, you have to restart the mission. Either you select it directly from the single player menu, or load a game and choose restart from the game menu.

    Also: Locate any string containing the string for your ships (Example: Hwr_Bomber). Edit this one with ex. Hwr_AssulteCorvette, and your former bomber is now a GunShip. You can do this with all your ships, the only thing you have to find out is what the different ships are named.
    Submitted by bubba
  • All Missions

    Go into the Profile folder in the Homeworld 2 directory (Example: C:\Games\Homeworld2\Bin\Profiles\Profile1). In this folder there is a file called "playercfg". It should be a lua file. Open it up with notepad, and scroll down until you see "maxmission = x". Obviously x will be different for everyone, but if you want to be able to play all the levels then type 15 here. It will base your starting fleet off your last completed mission.
    Submitted by bubba

Homeworld 2 Hints

  • Best Assault Fleet

    Oh well, listen up. Right from the start, collect resources with the aid of a Mobile Resource Drop-Off ship, and make fighters(5 to 8 squadrons). With your mother ship, make a few Destroyers (like, 3 to 5)while at the same time you make the most Torpedo Frigates you possibly can (at least 10, I like 15+). Upgrade them to the max (including the Imp. Torpedoes upgrade), and the destroyers movement as well before their shields. If you can make a battle cruiser, good for you, but you need a shipyard, and the resources are probably better spent on 2 or 3 destroyers. If you want quick production, make 2 carriers while making fighters and frigates with the one you have, but this will cost you a bit. Your total fleet should have at LEAST: 5 fighter squadrons (fully upgraded), 10 Torpedoes Frigates (with Imp. Torpedoes researched), 3 Destroyers (with movement upgraded), and perhaps a few squadrons of Plasma Gunship if you feel like it
    Submitted by Commander Bailey

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