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While playing dress-up and using emotive actions like waving and dancing is cool, though, your character is really the least of what you'll get. Home also gives every player their own apartment (upgradeable, apparently) to mess around with, which you can decorate with new paint jobs or game-centric themes. You can also add furniture to your digs, and here's where things get cool. Unlike, say, The Sims, in which furniture is laid out on a grid, you can arrange your surroundings however you like - even if it's stacking your trendy new chairs haphazardly in a corner by literally throwing them at the wall.

More interesting is the way that Home will enable you to use the media stored on the PS3's hard drive. You'll be able to hang picture frames of just about any size and quickly slap one of your own photos onto it, while stored MP3s and movie files can be played on in-game stereos and televisions. These will presumably be Sony-licensed products, like the Bravia LCD TV that was used in the demo we saw. After the presenter running the demo cued up the Casino Royale trailer to play on the TV, he tossed it down a flight of stairs, trailer still playing seamlessly as the thing bounced around.

Sadly, you can't do the same with the Home Theater, a public spot that displays video files on massive screens, in full 3D theaters, and aims to add a social aspect to watching movies online.

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  • hardcore_gamer1990 - November 2, 2008 2:57 p.m.

    FIRST!!! taken me ages to get an article that I'm interested in AND has no comments. =D I'm really looking forward to this PS3 add-on, as it looks cool and I'll finally stop getting stick from my 360-obsessed classmates for not having an achievements type system Random question: is there news of a third-party server for Xbox 360's and PS3s to game together on stuff like COD4? I heard rumors a while back, but they haven't been confirmed...

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