Hitler's greatest hits

Close out Week of Hate 2010 with the dictator's most notable game appearances

From: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Year: 1989

This is one of the few in-game Hitlers who doesn’t show up looking for a fight. In fact, he’s almost friendly. He looks it, too – the brushy mustache and button eyes give him the appearance of a slightly bewildered math teacher. In the point-and-click PC adaptation of the third Indiana Jones film, Hitler shows up in Berlin, doing what he does best: waving his arm around stiffly in front of a massive bonfire of dangerous ideas.

Not long after, Indy tries to sneak around behind the scenes, only to come face to face with the man himself in what looks to be a trap. If you’ve seen the movie, though, you’ll know exactly what to do: just give Hitler something to autograph, and he’ll be happy.

Above: “BEST VISHES TO… how again are you spelling ‘Indiana?’”

Alternately, the game gives you the option to take a swing at Hitler, which is awesome. Or at least it is until Hitler’s bodyguard on the right there notices what you’ve done to his beloved Fuhrer.

Above: Still totally worth it

Sadly, you don’t even get the satisfaction of laying the bastard out; he just stands there and takes it, and then walks off, unfazed by the attack or Indy’s death. But if you have to die, punching Hitler in the teeth is a pretty good way to go.

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